Simply Manas – Sandton City

leanne manasStroll past the Simply Manas shop window and upon first glance you’ll see an eclectic mix of trendy homeware, glassware, jewellery, bags and more. Walk in and you’ll quickly realise it isn’t merchandise on sale, but tokens of love.

Simply Manas, our family-owned and run business, is the all-in-one gift store designed to help you tell someone just how special they are. We offer the ideal gifts for every occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, christening, birthday or “just because” gift, you’ll find it at Simply Manas, and you will also enjoy gift-wrapping that’s unlike anywhere else!

Our customers can select how they would like their gifts wrapped at our “Candy Store” wrapping station. Transform a present into a token of love by mixing and matching gift-wrap, ribbons, sprinkles and more. Making your special gift – a little more personal. While Simply Manas is technically called a gift emporium, we prefer to be known as the ‘I love you, I miss you, I think you’re wonderful, and I just want to let you know store.